Topic: Driving

Longer ViewAugust 2023

America is built for driving. We should change that, but in the meantime we should help low-income people drive.

ArticleAugust 2023

Two-way streets are good for the city; engineers say they are bad for drivers. But are they?
A row of docked electric bikes

ArticleJune 2022

E-bikes can be a good alternative to driving: Bikeshare can make more people aware of them.
Traffic on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, after an expansion project

Longer ViewJune 2022

Induced demand is commonly misunderstood, and planners need to help.
A close-up of a hand filling up their car's gas tank

ArticleJune 2022

The negative effects of driving are concentrated geographically. The taxes should be too.
Two older adults driving in a car

ArticleJune 2022

Examining the role of age, gender, and birth cohort
A view of a rooftop office parking lot full of cars

OpinionJune 2022

22 words that could change the American commute.

ArticleSpring 2021

From laws to training and technology: how to improve traffic safety

ArticleFall 2020

How employers can encourage travel behaviors beyond commuting

OpinionFall 2020

Offering critical services only by car creates equity divides
How news reporting changes the public perception of car crashes
The choice between congestion pricing fairness and efficiency is a false one
Cities can better manage off-street parking by prioritizing occupancy and availability, not just revenue
Sweeping conclusions about the location and travel desires of millennials may be premature