Susan Handy is a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy and director of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation at UC Davis.

When It Comes to E-Bikes, Seeing Is Believing

By Susan Handy, Dillon Fitch | June 1, 2022

A row of docked electric bikes

E-bikes can be a good alternative to driving: Bikeshare can make more people aware of them.

Commute Time as Quality Time

By Susan Handy | May 23, 2019

Americans spend a lot of time commuting to and from work: about 50 minutes per day, on average, according to the 2017 National Household Travel Survey. This adds up to about 200 hours per year for ful …

Enough with the “Ds” Already — Let’s Get Back to “A”

By Susan Handy | May 16, 2018

When Robert Cervero and Kara Kockelman published their highly-cited article “Travel demand and the 3Ds: Density, diversity, and design” in 1997, they seemingly changed the transportation planning disc …