Michael Manville is the editor-in-chief of Transfers Magazine and a professor of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | August 15, 2023

The articles in this issue are about the power of the status quo, and the challenge of changing it.

The Necessity of Cars

By Michael Manville, Michael Smart, David A. King | August 15, 2023

America is built for driving. We should change that, but in the meantime we should help low-income people drive.

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | January 17, 2023

As I write this editor’s note, rain is lashing the windows of my apartment — an unusual event for Los Angeles. Over the last two weeks our normally sunny city, like most of the rest of California, has …

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | June 1, 2022

Transfers Issue 9 editor's note

This issue of Transfers revolves around driving. In a sense, that’s appropriate.

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | December 1, 2021

Issue 8 swings between the old and new, with articles addressing some of the oldest questions in transportation planning and the new implications brought about by COVID-19.

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | November 17, 2020

Issue 6 of Transfers Magazine touches on some of the most important issues that we as a society face: how to attain more equality, and do less environmental harm.

Editor’s Note

By Michael Manville | May 27, 2020

It is more than a little odd to release a magazine about transportation at a time when few people are going anywhere. Eventually, however, the pandemic will end. When it does, the world will need wise transportation policy.

Longer View: The Fairness of Congestion Pricing

By Michael Manville | May 23, 2019

Can congestion pricing be fair? On the surface, using tolls to fight traffic seems to perfectly illustrate the tension between efficiency and equity. Traffic congestion is an inefficiency. Roads get c …