Transfers Magazine is the biannual research publication of the Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center (PSR), a federally-funded network of eight partner campuses in Arizona, California, and Hawaii.

Q&A: Getting to know our new editor-in-chief

By Transfers Staff | February 5, 2020

We asked our new editor-in-chief about his plans for the magazine, the state of transportation today, and why he loves our previous piece about skateboarding

Metro Bike expands on the Westside with new dockless “smart bikes”

By Transfers Staff | March 21, 2019

Palms Station Metro Bike

Metro expands its Westside Metro Bike bikeshare with a move from traditional dock-based bikeshare to hub-based “smart bikes.”

Transferring to 2019: The year in review

By Transfers Staff | December 18, 2018

2018 was a big year for Transfers Magazine and The Circulator. From LeBron James, to scooters, to the #MeToo movement, here are some of our favorite posts from our inaugural year.

Experts talk disruption, mobility, and public transit

By Transfers Staff | October 24, 2018

Videos with speakers from the 2018 UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium show a range of perspectives on where public and private transportation are headed — and how to resolve their conflicts.

Will LeBron bring LA a title — and more bike lanes?

By Transfers Staff | July 3, 2018

King James is an avid cyclist and bike advocate. But his upcoming commute to Downtown Los Angeles faces some significant safety and infrastructure challenges.

Video: Students speak on campus skateboard travel

By Transfers Staff | May 8, 2018

Campus safety regulations, often created in response to recreational skateboarding rather than skateboard commuting, can put a damper on students’ rides.

What is Transfers?

By Transfers Staff | May 8, 2018

With this publication, we hope to help transfer the knowledge of experts into policy actions that improve people’s lives.