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Issue 10 | January 2023

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Sexual harassment in transit environments
Editor's Note

As I write this editor’s note, rain is lashing the windows of my apartment — an unusual event for Los Angeles. Over the last two weeks our normally sunny city, like most of the rest of California, has …

Parking signs banning parking overnight for oversized vehicles.
When housing precarity meets parking policy
Airliner on tarmac
One simple trick to lower our carbon footprint
Hint: there may be better tools

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Story highlights: USC’s METRANS Transportation Consortium has been awarded a grant from the USDOT to lead the US Region 9 research, education and technology transfer program. METRANS, a partnership be …

By 03/07/23

UCLA students received three of the top national transportation research awards by the Council of University Transportation Centers. The CUTC was established in 1979 to represent transportation resear …

By 01/25/23

Would you give up your work parking spot if you were paid for it?

By 10/03/22