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Issue 7 | Spring 2021

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New transportation systems must emphasize agility and flexibility, because today’s impossibilities may be tomorrow’s reality
He did so much in so many different fields that most of us know only a small part of everything he accomplished
How identity shapes the decision to ride a bike
With appropriate policies, TODs can solve both environmental and equity goals simultaneously
From laws to training and technology: how to improve traffic safety
Transportation improvements are key to reducing health disparities

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The Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center honors exceptional students from member institutions for their promise in the transportation field.

By 07/02/21

On April 11, we lost a giant in the transportation planning field with a career spanning seven decades.

By 04/16/21

A project by three UCLA faculty members aims to change the frustrating nature of bike commuting through “flows” that produce real-time digital art exhibitions throughout the city.

By 04/02/21
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