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Issue 9 | June 2022

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E-bikes can be a good alternative to driving: Bikeshare can make more people aware of them.
Transfers Issue 9 editor's note
Editor's Note

This issue of Transfers revolves around driving. In a sense, that’s appropriate.

Traffic on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, after an expansion project
Longer View
Induced demand is commonly misunderstood, and planners need to help.
A close-up of a hand filling up their car's gas tank
The negative effects of driving are concentrated geographically. The taxes should be too.
Two older adults driving in a car
Examining the role of age, gender, and birth cohort
A view of a rooftop office parking lot full of cars
22 words that could change the American commute.

The Circulator

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People who live in dense, walkable, transit-rich neighborhoods tend to drive less. Why is that?

By 09/26/22

Induced demand happens when we expand the capacity of transportation systems. People respond to the added capacity by using it more.

By 08/18/22

E-bikes could be an excellent alternative to driving cars for many people, and they are more accessible for some than traditional bicycles. But not everyone considers them as an option.

By 08/15/22
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