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Issue 11 | August 2023

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America is built for driving. We should change that, but in the meantime we should help low-income people drive.
Editor's Note

The articles in this issue are about the power of the status quo, and the challenge of changing it.

The Goldilocks principle of curb parking prices
Two-way streets are good for the city; engineers say they are bad for drivers. But are they?
Insights into how fleet owners make environmental decisions

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Selected articles from our blog

Monisha Reginald, a master’s student at UCLA studying transportation planning, was recognized by the Pacific Southwest Region UTC.

By 12/12/23

Two years ago, California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have decriminalized the so-called “Idaho stop,” which is defined as the act of a cyclist treating a stop sign as a yield sign. Newsom cited safety concerns for the veto, saying that the bill would decrease cyclist safety rather than increase it, as many advocates believe.

By 05/24/23

Qinhua Jiang, a Ph.D. student at UCLA, has been named the 2022 doctoral student of the year by the Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center.

By 04/19/23