Transfers Issue 9 cover image

Issue 9 June 2022

Editor’s Note

When It Comes to E-Bikes, Seeing is Believing

E-bikes can be a good alternative to driving: Bikeshare can make more people aware of them.
Susan Handy and Dillon Fitch

Spreading The Gospel of Induced Demand

Most Americans think we can build our way out of congestion. We need to show them they’re wrong.
Nicholas J. Klein, Kelcie Ralph, Anne Brown and Calvin Thigpen

Improving Efficiency and Equity with Geographically Targeted Gasoline Taxes

Driving’s negative effects differ by place. Maybe gas taxes should too. 
Cody Nehiba

Why Older Adults Stop Driving

The role of age, gender and birth cohort.
Andrew Schouten and Evelyn Blumenberg

Cashing Out Employer-Paid Parking

22 words that could change the American commute.
Donald Shoup and Don Pickrell