Dan Sperling is founding director of the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and distinguished professor of civil engineering and environmental science and policy. He also is a member of the California Air Resources Board and lead author of Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future.

Longer View: Positioning Transit for the 21st Century

By Steven E. Polzin, Dan Sperling | November 21, 2019

Traditional fixed-route, fixed-schedule public transit faces both challenges and opportunities from the latest wave of mobility services and new technologies. U.S. public transit ended 2018 with a fou …

How Lyft and Uber Can Fix — Not Cause — Congestion

By Dan Sperling, Austin Brown | May 23, 2019

Studies suggest that Uber, Lyft, and other app-based ride-hailing services increase congestion by shifting some travelers away from mass transit. Such a shift is to be expected. Ride-hailing services …